Sapna’s New Muchha Te Dargi (मुच्छा ते डरगी) Video Song – Janu Rakhi & Anil Kamalpuriya

Muchha Te Dargi is a new video song sung by Vinu God along with Sushila Takhar featuring Sapna Chaudhary, Janu Rakhi and Anil Kamalpuriya while the lyrics are penned by Krishan Dhundwa. The music of मुच्छा ते डरगी is given by VR Bros and this video released with the label of Sonotex Cassettes.

Singer : Vinu God, Sushila Takhar
Artist : Janu Rakhi, Sapna Chaudhar & Anil Kamalpuriya
Lyrics : Krishan Dhundwa
Music Director : VR Bros.
Video Director & DOP : Amit Bhisnoi


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